My travels in Africa


A very different continent from everything else. Well. they're all special in its ways. But Africa seems to have a bit extra.

Was (and still am:) amazed by the stories of Tarzan. And this is the image that have springs to my mind when I think about Africa. Jungle and big wild animals. Rough diamond diggers from Europe and fierce native tribes.

I guess this image isn't all that there is to this continent. This is where mankind took its first steps. There is an incredible wildlife, and landscapes seen nowhere else.

Have traveled the continent quite much in books, on maps and on TV. And thats it. Except for our trip to Egypt.  


Egypt - Wanna buy a Pyramid? Special price just for you!!



Africa has a lot to offer. I hope to see some of the wildlife on Serengeti and all the other wildlife areas. The big waterfalls also draws my travel plans. Especially the Victoria Falls, even if it might be an ever so big tourist trap. 

Have seen pictures from Chad and Niger that really triggered my travel bugs. And the same goes for Ethiopia.

Namibia is also a country I have started to do some research on. time will tell.


Best Travel Experience:

Best Tarzan qoute:

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