My travels in Antarctica


Growing up in Norway, I knew  most of the polar explorer by name before I could read. Nansen, Amundsen and Scott, and so on.
Tough men doing the almost impossible. Really fascinating stories about life and death in a landscape covered in ice. And suddenly, there I was. Looking at the same landscape as among others Shakelton had done almost a hundread years before me.

I have actually never seen Antarctia as a destination that I ever would travel to. Not that I didn't want to go there, but Antartica seemd really far fetched.

And suddenly by a serie of coincidences I sat in a cabin with a view to icebergs, penguins and whales. Really something.


The Antarctic Peninsula and The Falkland Islands


I really hope to see more of this continent. Doesn't really matter where. It is something special down there.


Best Experience:
Paradise Harbour

Sport Highlight:
Second place in the table tennis tournament hitting 15 meter waves.

Best indoor activity:
Drinking Laphroaig at the bar, while cruising through a hurricane. 

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