My travels in Europe


This is my home continent, and my first taste of travelling.

As a kid the holidays was spent mostly sitting in the backseat of our small Datsun with an almost smaller campervan, a Poletta, behind it. Sweden was the common goal, but we also went to Denmark, Finland and the far nothern parts of Norway. Later on it became chatered trips to the meditterranean. Greece, Spain and Italy.

Europe is ideal for get-aways :) It is close, it has very much to offer, and it is affordable. The longest part of the journey is often to get to a big airport. Trondheim is mostly used. It has direct flight to Amsterdam, London and Copenhagen, which again are major hubs for the rest of Europe, and everywhere else as well.  


Brussel & Luxembourg - Last journey before parenthood :)

Vilnius - Company sponsored pre-christmas celebration

The Czech Republic - Prague and Pilzen.

Budapest - Company sponsored as well, but serious business this time.

Austria & Bratislava - two week vacation in 2007. Roamed around in Austria in a Mini.

The Baltics & St. Petersburg - Almost two weeks journey from Vilnius to St. Petersburg.

Iceland & Greenland - Two weeks on the saga-island. Text and photo-album.

The Pyrenees - Crossing the Pyrenees every day for almost a week. Text and photo-album.

Speyside, Scotland - A week in whisky-heaven.

The Inner Hebrides, Scotland - My great bicycle journey (so far :)

Yorkshire, England -An unplanned visit

Germany - A week down deep south in wintertime.

Spain - XRF-training course.

London - First and scary taste of a really big city

Ireland - Two journeys in 98 and 99 to this island of Guinness.


Have done most of my travelling here, since I live here. But there are still many places I would like to go.

First of all I want to see Rome and Paris. Have been saving these for the right travel companion. Which I now have found :) Time will tell when we go there.

The Carpathian and the Tatra Mountains have been on my list for quite a while. And also to see more of the Alps.

It would also be nice to get a chance to explore more of the highland and the islands in Scotland. I really liked that part. And also the national parks in Montenegro. Which was possibly the biggest surprise in Europe. Positively speaking.

Where the next journey in Europe will be is hard to say. Impulses seem to be the major part of that decition.


Best Travel Experience:
The Inner Hebrides

Best Childhood Memory:

Worst Travel Experience:

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