My home country. Haven't seen so much as I would like to. Somehow is it easier to plan a journey to South America than take the car and drive in my own country.
It is so close that I can go whenever I like to. And in reality I never do. Have promised myself to be better at this.

Much of this page will be dedicated to my district. This is where I grew up and still spend most of my time. The travelling done in Norway is much related to getting somewhere else or work related. Just a few nights here and there. 


Hemnesberget - My home town!

Leirvika - Spent much time in the forests and mountains here.

Tysfjorden - Almost every summer. And hopefully many more.

Beiarn - My girlfriend's paradise.

Skjerstad and surroundings - My in-laws place.

Mo i Rana and surroundings - Work here, and lived here until 2007.

Trondheim -

Levanger - My first taste of Guinness :)

Orkanger - Work and waiting time.

Sandefjord - A nice airport.

Kristandsand - XRF-seminar every second year.

Oslo - A town down south somewhere.

Vega - World heritage

Børgefjell - rain and fog.


Am still a bit embarrassed over the fact that I still haven't seen the major tourist traps of Norway. The fiords down south and the Lofoten islands, not very far from here.
Have met a lot of people from far away that have been to more places in Norway than I have.

But maybe when I get old, and buy a campervan I will do some exploring. From the middle of the road doing 60 km/h at the best :)




Nicest town:

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