My travels in Oceania


The Pacific Ocean was to me the big blue area on the backside on the globe belonging my grandfather. I soon discovered that you didn't come to China if you dug deep enough. It was New Zealand. I even argued with the teacher in kindergarten about this. And dug a hole to prove it.
I never got as far as either China or New Zealand. But a meter down the teacher idmitted that she was wrong. I couldn't have been the easiest kid to raise. :)

New Zealand was of course the obvious first choice for my longer journeys. Not only the fact that it was the furthest away from Norway I could get, but also the nature there. 



New Zealand - My debut as a traveller outside Europe

The Easter Island - A short break from my travelling in South America. Text and photo-album available.


The Pacific brings images into mind of white beaches and palm trees. Easter Island have a bit of that. Snd that is something I hope I can see more of.

Australia is of course a big country. Hope to see some more than Sydney Airport some day.

Papua New Guinea also seems very tempting. Time will tell.

Best Travel Experience:
The Easter Island

Most positive surprise:
Greymouth, New Zealand

Second Best Travel Experience:
Queenstown, New Zealand

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