My travels in South America


This continent have given me the best travel experinces so far.

As a kid I was fascinated of the conquistadors, the Inka people and the great Amazon river. It was ever so exotic for a 10 year old kid. Walt Disney had a part in it as well.
Patagonia seemed indeed as far away as Timbuktu or the North Pole, when Donald had to run away.
The tales of the cubic people in the Andes came really vivid in my mind when I came to La Paz in Bolivia.

Have had two great journeys on the continent. First three months in the southern parts, and then one and a half month in the middle part.


First journey (2005) - Have split the journey into several parts, to avoid to get to much on each page.

Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil - This is the first part of my journey in 2005.

Antarctica and the Falkland Islands - A beautiful coincidence.

Uruguay and Argentina - Down to Patagonia.

Chile - Heading back north again.

The Easter Island - An exotic holiday from travelling. Text and photo-album available.

Chile and Argentina - Last Part.

Second journey (2006) - Have split this one into three parts.

Chile - A smooth start in the driest area in the world.

Bolivia - Altitude sickness and carneval.

Peru and Chile - Back in the lowland again.

I am definately coming back to this continent. Had so many amazing days here. Friendly people and stunning scenery.

Am planning a journey starting in Buenos Aires again, but going north this time. First to Paraguay, and then Bolivia, Peru and ending up in Ecuador. Hope I can do this some day, or at least some parts of it.

Another project is starting in Venezuela, seeing the great waterfalls there, and then head south through Colombia, and ending up in Ecuador.

And speaking about Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands have been on my list for ever and ever so long.

Best Travel Experience:
Copacabana, Bolivia

Biggest Surprise:

Worst Travel Experience:
Dodgy Hostel in Bariloche

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