This is my life!

I spent my childhood in the village of Hemnesberget, in the northern part of Norway. As I use to say more specific, in the southern part of the northern part! J Just some miles south of the arctic circle.

My thirst for exploring and travelling must somehow have been awakened in this town. Doing travels at a very young age in the atlas and on the globe at my grandparents, I got my mind set to explore this world!

In 2007 I moved back here again. Together with my lovely girlfriend we bought a house and started renovating. One of the results of the move came 25th of june this year and sits on her lap on the photo.

I left my hometown for studies in 1994, and ended up doing a three year engineering study in biotechnology.

In 1997 I got my first permanent job at Molab as, the same company as I work for today. But I have boosted my education with a masterdegree in chemical engineering since then.

My work now mainly consist mostly of analyzing ferroalloys and steels, and also developing and maintaining methods for these types of analysis.

Travel is indeed a great passion for me. Compared to many people Iíve met, I havenít traveled much. But I have traveled some, and really appreciate the things my travels have brought me.

 Beside travelling, is photographing also a great interest. All photos on my pages are a result of that.

Am also very fond of hiking, and just being outdoors. In the mountains, in the forests, on open moors, really anywhere in the nature. It is probably the environment I recharge most of my batteries.

And last, but not least I also like a good single malt whisky. I have a great love for this water of life, and dream about having my own distillery on a small island on the scottish west coast. J The variety and complexity of this liquid never seems to stop to amaze me.

Everything mentioned above is of course second in priority, compared to my two darlings, Ann-Heidi and Lars-Sofus, that live under the same roof.

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Full name: Lars KŚre Andreassen
Born: 14th of May 1975
Nationality: Norwegian
Education: MSc in Chemical Engineering
Occupation: Analytical chemist since February 2003

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